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Hi! I love your idea of test kitchen. I’d be happy to try recipes and give you feedback. Keep us posted. Lots of love!

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Ciao, Letizia,

We were guests at MDP, celebrating my 60th birthday ten years ago. Six friends, 3 couples with a 4 year old child. My friend and I took your cooking class and had the good luck to drive to town with you, chatting about cooking, Umbria, and our home in Key West, Florida. I purchased your first cookbook and looked forward to your blogs, and also lived a beautiful carefree life with my husband, Joe. Six months ago, Joe was diagnosed with cancer and had major surgery. He is now receiving treatment. The plans we had made and the life we’d known changed unimaginably. We have reasons to be optimistic for his recovery, but it will be challenging. Your last post, your first after two years, came at the perfect moment. Your message inspired me. Embracing the life we’ve been given, different and unexpected as it might be, is the way forward. To live fully and find the richness in a new place or circumstance after a life-altering experience, we must let go and trust that we can create a meaningful life again. The road is acceptance. Thank you again, Letizia, for sharing your experience with us. I wish you and Ruurd continued healing and happiness in your new home. Abbrazzi, Geri LaGotta

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Dear Geri, thank you for your wonderful words. I so know how you have been feeling and I wish I could be there to hug you right now. Please know that after so many bad days there are also good days. After so many lonely moments there is still so much love to be had from others. Buona fortuna my friend and my very best wishes to you both!

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